Lionel Messi’s teammate opens up on time PSG star ‘wanted to kill him’

Lionel Messi’s teammate opens up on time PSG star ‘wanted to kill him’

Paris Saint-Germain star Leandro Paredes has, on Sunday, provided an insight into an incident which left him on the receiving end of the seldom-seen nasty side of teammate Lionel Messi.

The situation in question came about during a Champions League meeting between PSG and Barcelona back in 2021.

After the aforementioned Messi guided the evening’s hosts into an early lead at the Camp Nou, PSG soon came roaring back, turning the clash firmly on its head courtesy of a Kylian Mbappe hat-trick, and further strike on the part of Moise Kean.

Messi, in turn, was left in an altogether foul humour, watching his crestfallen club embarrassed on home turf on the biggest stage of them all once more.

And such fury on the part of the 7-time Ballon d’Or winner, as alluded to above, soon culminated in fellow countryman Leandro Paredes incurring the wrath of Barca’s captain and talisman.

Speaking in an interview with Caja Negra this weekend, midfielder Paredes opened up on the incident, which came about upon Messi overhearing an exchange between he and his PSG teammates:

“He got angry, because I had made a comment to my team-mates and he heard me,” Paredes began. “And he got angry.”

“He became really angry. He f*cked me up. It was bad. He wanted to kill me and I wanted to go home.”

Lionel Messi’s teammate opens up on time PSG star ‘wanted to kill him’

MARSEILLE, FRANCE – OCTOBER 24: Lionel Messi in action during the Ligue 1 Uber Eats match between Marseille and Paris Saint Germain at Orange Velodrome on October 24, 2021 in Marseille, France. (Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images)

Paredes, though, later went on to confirm that all is now well between he and Messi, with the pair, now teammates in Paris, able to ‘talk about it and laugh’ upon the subject of their falling out coming to the fore:

“Afterwards I saw him in the national team and he acted as if nothing had happened.

“He showed me what he is like as a person. The relationship continued as it was.

“Now, when the conversation comes up, we talk about it and laugh, but he was really angry at the time – he wanted to kill me!”